Semaphore Partners - ServiceNow Premier Partner

Meet our Partners

Jonathan Jacob

Jonathan Jacob has been honing his experience in Service Management since 2011. After being introduced to ServiceNow while working for a large publishing company, he joined a ServiceNow Solutions partner. There, he was able to consult for a number of industries from Higher Education to telecommunications. He has since become a ServiceNow Certified instructor, served as a technical reviewer for ServiceNow publications, and partnered to start Semaphore Partners. Outside of the Service Management, Jonathan is an avid cook and hamburger enthusiast.

Toby Comer

Toby has always had a passion, for math, science, computers and solving problems. He graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from Bucknell University, but didn't want to solve circuits forever so that's when he decided to get into consulting. Toby lives in Hoboken with his wife, Casey.

Our Certifications

Our team holds many ServiceNow Certifications, and we are adding more constantly. Here is a snapshot of our current certifications:

  • Certified System Administrator
  • Certified Application Developer
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - IT Service Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Human Resources
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Discovery
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Event Management
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Application Portfolio Management